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Traditional Folk Forms

Click for: Jamaica Performing Arts Handbook 2016-2019 - ADDENDUM #1

The Traditional Folk Forms Competition recaptures Jamaica’s cultural past and sets new directions for cultural growth. It has heighten our regard for the indigenous activities recovering Jamaica’s ancient dances such as  Kumina, Gerreh, Dinki Mini, Revival, Bruckin’s Party, Tambu and Jonkunnu. Thus, it allows Jamaicans to rediscover the importance of our rich intangible heritage and historically defined personality of Jamaicans.

The forms covered in the Competition are: Quadrille-( Ballroom, Camp and Contra Styles);Ring Forms; Maypole; Kumina/Congo; Revival; Wake/Set Up; Gerreh; Dinki-Mini; Zella; Tambu; Jonkunnu or John Canoe; Burru Song and Dance; Ettu; Bruckin’s Party; Integrated Song and Dance; Maroon Dance and Mento.