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The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission is a multidimensional institution which provides a wide variety of services. Whilst our primary focus is on staging arts based competitions and programmes, we offer many other services of the highest quality. Some of these services include:

  • Training in Arts Development
  • Events Management
  • Decor Services
  • Entertainment & Artiste Management Services
  • Rental of Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre
  • Consultations and Seminars on Events Management

There is an excellent cadre of highly trained events and performing arts specialists who have acquired extensive training and have gained the necessary skills and competencies to provide technical training in all areas of the Performing, Culinary, Visual, Literary and Entertainment Arts, and events management support. These arts specialists carry out an annual training programme for thousands of participants. With regards to the Events Specialists, they have since 2009 completed an intensive post graduate diploma in Events Management at the University of London in England where they received first hand international training in events management.

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission for over 50 years has been at the forefront of staging a catalogue of many successful cultural events including the national independence celebrations which have helped to swell national pride and bolster the cultural and creative industries. Additionally, we have provided events management support in planning all state visits to date, state funerals, CB Pan Chicken, Prime Minister Youth Awards and a host of many other premier national events.