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Jamaica Visual Arts

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The Jamaica Visual Arts Awards Competition & Exhibition starts accepting entries September 1 each year, from Jamaican artists six years and older. Entries are accepted in seven categories: Painting, Works on Paper, Video Art, Photography, Sculpture/Assemblage, Ceramics and Fibre Arts. 

The exhibition programme is a dynamic one that puts the public in touch with art through public participatory events called ‘Main Audience Days’ that are staged as part of the National Exhibition and the Travelling Showcase.  These events dubbed, Jamaican M.A.D.E. (Main Audience Day Experience) comprises of three main events: Launch Day; Schools’ Art Day Out and the Awards Day for the National Exhibition. The travelling showcase starts off with an event dubbed “F.E.A.S.T.” - Flavourful Entertainment and Art Sweetened to Taste and takes some of the award-winning pieces to a location outside of Kingston & St. Andrew.  

The Exhibition also has a charitable feature - Mek It An’ Share It which invites members of the public to make toys to be given as gifts to children in State care.