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Click for: Jamaica Performing Arts Handbook 2016-2019 - ADDENDUM #1

The Music Programme is committed to honing the talents of budding musicians and singers across the island. For many participants, the exposure is such that, it has enabled them to make tremendous strides in the pursuit of their musical career. The Competition is a factory that produces outstanding musicians and singers that are making a positive mark on the Jamaica’s musical landscape that transcends its geographic border.

The Competition features categories such as : Classical and Semi-Classical, All Wind Instrument (Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone), All Wind Instrument Ensemble, Pan Music, Violin Solos, Classroom Instruments, Creative Music Making, Recorder Solo, Recorder Ensemble, Instrumental-Own Choice, Vocal Classical/Semi-Classical, Vocal (Spiritual, Gospel, Sacred Music, and Patriotic), Popular and Modern Music(Jamaican and other Composers), Jamaica Folk Singing (Mento Form), Jamaican Traditional Folk Singing ( Other Forms), West Indian Folk Singing (Group Singing), Creative Folk Singing and Songs from the Movies/ Theatre Music.