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The Jamaica Visual Arts Programme has formed part of the offerings of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) since its inception in 1963. Over the years, the programme has evolved into a comprehensive slate of activities throughout each year. These include the Jamaica Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition; short training programmes in the form of workshops and seminars that address skill development and industry issues; collaborative projects with agencies and companies with similar goals; and the staging of exhibitions and other promotional opportunities.

The programmed is aided by a group of volunteers who form the National Committee that offers assistance and expertise in the planning and execution of projects and activities. These volunteers as well as workshop and seminar presenters are culled from Jamaica’s rich art scene of teachers/lecturers, writers, curators/gallery operators, collectors, adjudicators, administrators and, of course, artists. The Committee encourages healthy doses of creativity in the visual arts in a variety of forms including new media and generate and implement dynamic strategies to promote Jamaican art locally and abroad, reward excellence in the field, support artistic development through training and facilitate meeting points for industry practitioners to exchange ideas, learn and grow.

From time to time, special projects such as invitational workshops and exhibitions are conceptualised and funding sought to cover costs. The programme also partners with other entities to provide technical support for projects as well as to make use of or create promotional opportunities for artists.