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Director, Finance and Accounts

Mrs. Tracey-Anne Thomas joined the Commission as Salaries Officer in 1993 and has served as Senior Accountant and Acting Director of Finance.  As the Director of Finance and Accounts, Mrs.  Thomas’s key responsibilities include the supervision and preparation of the Commission’s budget for all capital and recurrent expenditure in accordance with the operational goals and objectives and the Ministry of Finance’s guidelines; Preparation of the operational plan, budget and work programmes for the Finance and Accounts Division and the preparation and monitoring of estimates of revenue, expenditure and cash flow for the Commission.


She is also responsible for the development and maintenance of a Budgetary System in accordance with the Government’s policies and procedures for effective financial planning and oversees and ensures that all contracts, financial transactions and monetary arrangements conducted on behalf of the Ministry adhere to government policies.


Mrs. Thomas is a graduate of the Nova Southeastern University and the University of Technology.