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Women smash the glass ceiling at JCDC Festival Song Finals

When Heather Grant won the Jamaica Festival Song in 2002, she made history as the first woman to ever cop the prestigious title. She recalls how elated she was while not at all shocked at placing first but bemoans the fact that to date she has very little to show for it. This is certainly a far cry from Abbygaye Dallas the 2012 winner of the same competition who could barely contain her excitement when she was announced the winner. And who would blame her as she not only has the opportunity of launching a career in the music business but left with  numerous prizes including  a brand new Nissan, a cash award of $500,000, and a beautiful plaque from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

Her entry song “Real Born Jamaican” speaks about the pride and joy of being Jamaican highlighting the beauty of the landscape, the people and the great achievements of our track star and even the mystique behind the ackee and saltfish. She shares that when she was penning the song she thought about the reasons why people all over the world are attracted to Jamaica and wanted to express how she personally felt. She believes that she has gotten significant promotion from the competition and is looking forward to receiving more airplay based on the significance of the year.

The other female in the competition second placed Tashina McKenzie with her entry “Jamaica Beat Dem Bad  is confident that she too will be taking the industry by storm and looks forward to riding on the wave that the competition has afforded her.

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