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JAMAICA joined the rest of the world on Friday (April 29) to mark World Dance Day, which has been celebrated since 1982 when it was first adopted by UNESCO. According to Jennifer Garwood, Dance Specialist at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) dance groups, dancers, choreographers and teachers contributed tremendously to the success of the inaugural staging of World Dance Day.

The International Dance Council (CID) emphasized that the theme ‘Dancing in the Open’ was proposed to make a step towards nature by celebrating Dance Day in open spaces: streets, squares, parks, stadiums, beaches, parking lots, clearings - anywhere under the sky.

The JCDC ensured that the day did not go unnoticed and was observed as stipulated by CID. The programme got underway promptly at curtain call with Edna Manley lecturer Kofi Walker’s presentation to the poem ‘I Love to Dance’. This flowed nicely into greetings from UNESCO by Dr. Kwame Boafo, Director of UNESCO Jamaica who declared the proceedings ‘open’. Dr. Boaofo later shared in a light moment with members from the NCSC dance group, the Recycled Teenagers who delighted the audience with their agility.

Several dance schools, groups and choreographers participated at the free, fun family outdoor event that reminded attendees how good it is to ‘boogie’. The programme showcased a wide range of energetic and electrifying performances from the 2010 JCDC World Reggae Dance Championship 2nd place winners Untouchable Dance Group, the Jamaica School of Dance, Dance Xpressionz, Portmore and St. Theresa Preparatory School. Additionally, patrons were treated to delectable snacks from sponsors Nicies, National, Reggae Jammin’ Chicken Frankfurters and Excelsior.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Garwood explained that the JCDC’s celebration of World Dance Day got underway from Thursday (April 28) as the JCDC partnered with the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) and took dance to the elderly. The day’s activities were pleasing to the seniors who turned out in their numbers and were entertained by Vaz and Lannaman’s Preparatory as well as, Lister Mair Gilby High School for the Deaf.

Beverley Edwards, Parish Organizer for St. Andrew, NCSC enthusiastically summed up the event with one word, Wonderful! “I appreciate the interaction and intergenerational flair displayed today. In fact, I was at a meeting today and hurried back so I could be apart of this exciting and fun-filled dance day activity,” Edwards noted.

World Dance Day, every year on 29 April, aims at attracting attention to the art of dance. It is celebrated by millions of dancers around the globe. The intention of World Dance Day is to bring all dances together, to celebrate this art form and revel in its universality, to cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together in peace and friendship with a common language: Dance.

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