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Tyesha Turner, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2010 1st runner-up, will especially miss her yam, banana, ackee & saltfish, jerked chicken, fried fish, festival & bammy as she embarks upon a new journey and jets off to the Permanent Mission to the UN and its Specialized Agencies in Geneva.

When quizzed about how she was feeling, the bubbly and energetic Turner noted, “I am growing more excited with each passing day! I have never visited Switzerland before and I anticipate the opportunity and experience. At the same time, I am mindful that I will be representing myself and my country in the international arena and that brings a bit of nervousness. However, the excitement seems to winning out at the moment.”

After winning the Miss Glenmuir pageant in 2000 a judge, who was a past Festival Queen for Clarendon, advised Tyesha to enter the Jamaica Festival Queen pageant. For years she had every intention of entering the competition and did not. However, 2010 would be the final year that she was deemed eligible based on the age criterion so it was a “now or never” situation. She chose now.

“I knew that if I wanted this experience to be a life changing and great one, I had to be present in mind and attitude and give as much as I

expected. The competition was a personal development project as well as a training ground for necessary skills in my professional life,” she explained.

She further acknowledged, “I honed my public speaking and interpersonal skills and made great friendships. I never imagined that I would have copped the ‘Most Poised’ prize in the

Parish competition, so imagine my surprise when I got that prize in the Nationals as well. That taught me something new about myself and I have a new found confidence in that area.”

Her advice to young women seeking to enter this year’s competition is quite simple, “You have made a grand choice in entering this competition – that is the first step. Learn as much as you can and ensure that you put that knowledge into practice and BREATHE! Breathe when the nerves hit, breathe when you are unsure, breathe when the schedule gets hectic and finally SMILE!”

The Jamaica Festival Queen Competition was first introduced in June 1975 by the Jamaica Festival commission to replace the Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest. The contest focuses on cultural awareness, leadership qualities, general knowledge, appreciation of the role of women, communication skills, creative talent, community involvement, deportment and personality. This development is aimed at heightening cultural awareness among Jamaican women between the ages 18-25 years and exposing them to training in personal development and the Performing Arts.

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