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Kester Bailey Makes Solo Debut at JCDC Exhibition

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Youth & Culture continues to unearth and showcase the creative talent and expression of our people through the Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition which is one if its signature events.

The exhibition which opened at the Jamaica Conference Centre on Sunday, March 15 will remain there until Sunday March 29, 2015 and will include the Solo Exhibition from Kester Bailey, winner of the 2013 Studio Art Prize.

Kester Benedict Bailey is a Trinidadian born artist, whose love and interest in the arts spawned from early childhood with keen interests in singing, dancing, drama, design, fashion, sculpture, textile, painting and of course drawing. Kester attended Presentation College San Fernando where he was intimately involved in musical theatre and throughout his school life was a forerunner in the enhancement of the school’s artistic expressions. Kester studied art at the CXC and GCE A Level which although representing his only formal training to date, was the genesis of his journey as a visual artist. He has designed, executed and constructed, costumes and sets for several high school musicals where he honed his talent for visual interpretation and execution.

Kester’s work has a visual artist took a hiatus to academic endeavours which brought him across the Caribbean Sea to Jamaica. Here in Jamaica, he attended the University of the West Indies where he was lucky to become a member of the highly acclaimed University Singers which placed him at the mecca of the arts fraternity in Jamaica. This exposure sparked new flames and set him out on a journey to investigate the myriad of artistic forms and expressions present on the island. The entire Jamaican environment, particularly the physical and socio-cultural, serves as a source of inspiration.

Through Kester’s Trinidadian heritage and Jamaican acclimatization while living here over the past decade, he has now sought to embark on a journey of self actualization as a visual artist.

According to Kester “Art has so many manifestations that it is difficult not to identify art in every single thing around us and even within us. Life is art, I am art, Art is existence. It is the conjuring of my experiences and an expression of the emotive and the sublime. Being mostly self-taught, art is my journey of exploration and a deliberate move to hone an unexplainable gift. My aim then is to continually practise and improve and give to the world that which have been given to me”

This exhibition marks Kester's first solo exhibition which he believes now is the time to step out and share with others how he sees the world. Kester believes his creativity must be put down for posterity as “pen to paper,” hence, his debut on the Jamaican and world art scene.

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