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Terry-Ann Tucker

Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2001, Miss Terry Ann Tucker on the night of her coronation, Saturday, July 21, 2001

18 year old Terry-Ann recently completed her secondary level education at Hampton School in Malvern, St. Elizabeth. She has two "A" Levels and nine CXC subjects to her credit, the latter she gained at the Westwood High School in Trelawny with six distinctions. While at school she was a member of the Key, Environmental, Geography and Hikers' Clubs as well as the Anglican Group and the Inter-School Christian Fellowship, ISCF.

Our Queen represented the parish of Trelawny, where she was born. She spent many of her childhood days by the seaside with her grandmother and mother. It is not surprising then that she sees herself as an outdoor person, with swimming, hiking and interacting with others as her hobbies.

Terry-Ann likes interacting with persons who have a positive outlook on life, who can motivate others and are honest, loyal and happy inspite of adversity. On the other hand she dislikes negative persons.

She plans on working for a year before resuming her studies. Her career goal is to be a Marketing or Advertising Executive. Her philosophy in life is one that we can all adhere to - success comes not through wishing but through hard work and determination.