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JCDC Performing Arts Finals begins June 12 at Little Theatre

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) annual Festival of the Performing Arts National Finals kicks off with performances in the Traditional Folk Forms. The festival will run from Wednesday, June 12 to Friday to July 5 at the Little Theatre starting at 10:00 a.m. daily, admission: Adults- $400 and Children- $200. The Traditional folk form performances, which will run this Wednesday to Friday, displays the rich culture of the past demonstrated by dances like Kumina and Gerreh among others.  These dances will allow Jamaicans to rediscover the importance of our rich intangible heritage and historically defined personality of Jamaicans.

Through the Festival of the Performing Arts, the JCDC continues to unearth develop, showcase, preserve and promote the creative talents and expressions of the Jamaican people. The areas covered in the performing arts are Dance, Drama, Music, Speech and the Traditional Folk Forms.  The Dance line up will see participants in categories such as Creative Folk, Modern Contemporary, Praise and Jazz. Jamaican stories come alive through the dramatic pieces of Tragedy, Farce Skit and Fantasy as well as popular drama categories like Community Drama and Straight Drama. Jamaica has always been a hub for world music and this festival provides an avenue for participants to hone their skills and make their mark in over 20 categories of music such as classical as well as the vibrant drumming pieces.

The competitions in the Performing Arts are opened to all persons residing Jamaica which includes schools, community groups, youth clubs, social clubs, Performing arts clubs, churches as well as outstanding individual performers. Participants are engaged in a number of workshops throughout the year before competing at the zone, parish and national levels.

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