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Mello-Go-Roun 'The Family Event'

For many years Mello-Go-Roun has remained one of the most sought after events on the calendar of activities of the Jamaica Culturtal Development Commission (JCDC). It owes its longevity and success in part, to good organization, and most importantly, exposing the diversity that exists within our culture. Through Mello-Go-Roun we see a happy medium being created between the secular and sacred, as seen in many of the movements performed in our traditional dances such as Dinki Mini, when compared to a Negro spiritual.

The buzzing question on many people's lips, however, has been, what keeps patrons coming back to see the event each year, which we asked Miss D. Joyce Campbell O.D.- Traditional Folkform Consultant at the JCDC, and many time coordinator of the annual show. She states that "it is because of its 'entertainment value' and variety". "The show is a fast-moving two hour programme which showcases the best the JCDC has to offer in the various areas of the Performing Arts. She also hasten to add, that it is unadulterated fun for the entire family.

Mello-Go-Roun is in its thirty-seventh year running, and continues to captivate audiences of both the young and the more mature. This year's event will be staged at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center, 36 Hope Road, on Thursday August 2, 2001, commencing at 8:00 p.m. Don't miss Jamaica's premier family entertainment show.

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Date: July 25, 2001