How to Enter

Former committee members Allison Sinclair (seated) and Donnette Zacca record results during an adjudication session of the JCDC National Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition.

1. Collect an entry form and the rules and regulations from the JCDC Head Office or Parish Offices of Jamaica. Entry forms and the rules and regulations are also available from select art galleries, photo and framing shops and on the Internet at:

Entry forms and the rules and regulations are usually available from September each year.

2. Read the rules and regulations carefully. Seek clarifications where necessary. The JCDC Visual Arts Department can be reached at:

Telephone numbers – (876) 926-5726-9 / 906-4252-3 968-2661

Fax numbers – (876) 960-4521 968-2661

Email –

3. Label artworks. Entry labels are included on each entry form which may be cut out and used. Entry labels may be photocopied.

4. Fill out the entry form completely and correctly. Entry forms must be completed in duplicate if entries will be submitted to a JCDC parish office. The forms may be photocopied.

5. Submit the following together by the entry deadline:

Accurately completed and signed entry form.

All entries - properly labelled. See Number 3 above.

Non-refundable entry fee. Entries may be submitted to the JCDC parish office where the entrant resides or in Kingston &
St. Andrew during the one-week period allowed for submission. The drop-off location in Kingston is usually specified in the
rules and regulations and on the entry forms and flyers.

Please note that in each new competition year the entry forms and rules and regulations are edited. Entrants are therefore NOT ALLOWED
to use entry forms and rules and regulations from previous years.