Benefits of the Competition

Multiple awardee Laura-Ann Fung needs a few more hands to hold her awards. In the 2007 JCDC/NGJ National Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition she walked away with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal and 2 merit certificates as well as the Promise Prize for the most outstanding youth entrant and the Viewers’ Vote Prize for the work that receives the most votes by the public.  Her sectional prizes comprised two trophies and a total of J$70,000 cash. She was 14 years old at the time and still continues to enter the Competition.

  National recognition and pride.

  National awards & prizes.

  Access to the local & international public who attend exhibitions.

  Promotion through exhibitions, publications & media coverage. A full-colour
  exhibition catalogue is produced each year featuring images of the works
  receiving awards.

  Access to the local community of practitioners in the field of art including
  well-known and respected Jamaican artists, writers, lecturers, administrators,
  art historians and curators.

  Opportunity to assist in raising the level of the public’s art appreciation &
  awareness through participation in islandwide exhibitions.

  Opportunity to sell work and broaden market base.