Deaf Dance Competition

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Designed for the hearing impaired, the National Deaf Dance Competition was developed and implemented in 2006 . This annually staged programme seeks to sensitize the hearing impaired to dance forms subsequently building ease and confidence in expressing themselves. The Competition encourages through movement, the development of a sense of rhythm, creative expression, communication of feelings, and building self –confidence. Residential workshops organized by the Commission for teachers of various hearing impaired institutions provides the necessary support mechanism for preparing their students for the Competition which is held in May of each year.

It is open to all individuals between the ages of 6-19 years who are enrolled at the nationally accredited institutions for the deaf/hearing impaired. The age limit is determined as at September 1 in the academic year of the Competition.

Categories encouraged in this Competition are:

Creative Folk

Modern Contemporary

Popular Dance

Dance Skit

A maximum of (3) entries is allowed per institution from the different category genres.

Danny Williams School for the Deaf- Best Junior                                               Caribbean School for the Deaf- Winner of the 2009 Deaf Dance Competition