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The Drama Competition of the JCDC unlike any other drama centered program in the arts in Jamaica allows for the full expression of Jamaican stories rooted in communities distinctly set to uncover lives in the settings familiar to us. With the advent of multiple genres trained individuals are able to express works which are more international in their application.

The scope for actors and directors remain wide. Tragedy, Farce, Skit and Fantasy are only a few areas that brings to fore creative expressions not excluding more popular categories of entry as Community Drama / Popular Theatre and Straight Drama. When Marcus Garvey demonstrated his skill in the dramatic arts at Edelweiss Park, the Eisteddfods across the island were staged not excluding Tea Meetings, and folk concerts the dramatic arts/drama had a strong presence in the cultural fabric of Jamaica’s history.

Many “communities” are able to air issues raised in a genre particularly made available to players whose communal problems and solutions to these challenges stand as a traditional way to respond dramatically where audiences play a direct part in the overall creation of such a dramatic work.

Directors and actors hone their craft and many groups have triumphed here. From the past ,Gun Court’s Prison Drama Group, to the longest running participating dramatists “Port Antonio Theatre Group” –over twenty years under the leadership of Maureen Campbell, Ardenne High, Green Island High and EXED Community College have achieved significantly.

Port Antonio Theatre Group