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2016-2019 Performing Arts Handbook

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) has honed the talents of many Jamaians across the island. The rich expessions are reflected in the existing genres in the Competition such as: Creative Folk, Modern Contemporary, Praise, Popular, Jazz and Dance Drama. Additionally, this program has afforded choreographers, teachers, and performers the opportunity to showcase and compete for certificates, medals, and trophies.
This programme incorporates creative, folk and contemporary dance, providing choreographers and performers with an arena for their creative works, expression and interpretation.

The winning items are showcased at: Best of Fest (Dancefest)
Evening of Excellence (Parish)
Mello- Go- Roun’
Grand Gala

This programme is ongoing throughout the year with training sessions for teachers, trainers, and performers to sustain the product and improve their technical skills.

The JCDC- Dance stages a number of special Expositions:

To capture all our people
To create a stage to exchange and collaborate with local and international groups and Festivals

Ascot High School Sudanese Cry                                                                                           Tivoli Dance Troupe Spirits of Our Heritage