Notations on the Marcus Garvey Awards Performing Arts

Vincent Douglas Award for Best Costumes in Dance

This prestigious award is named after one of Jamaica’s finest costume designers of all times. His rich artistic expressions in costume designs have been reflected in various national events, in particular, the Independence Celebrations and the Annual National Dance Competition of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission . Retrospectively, he designed costumes for the ‘National King and Queen Competitions’ that were once a part of the assemblage of the festival activities. In 2008 Grand Gala, he designed the costumes that reflected the exotic and unique potpourri of  Jamica's cultural heritage. Subsequently, his excellent work in costume designs has earned him many awards and as such, has become a household name in the cultural arena.

Paulette Cousins Award for Kindergarten Group with the highest Number of National Trophies (Dance)

Named in honor of an outstanding cultural bastion, she devoted her time and energy towards the preservation of the country’s arts. Her excellence in the arts is mirrored in her passionate disposition for dance. As dance teacher of the Jamaica House Basic School she passed on her legacy of excellence to her students who performed for one of the past presidents of the United States and Panama during their stay in Jamaica. Her work in the dance arena took roots in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and earned her many awards. In honour of her outstanding contributions in dance and her tremendous work in Jamaica’s cultural expressions, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission is proud to have named this award after such a patriotic Jamaican.

Ada Barrett Award for the Most Outstanding Junior School /Group (Traditional)

By far, she was the most resourceful individual on the Traditional Folk Forms, and as such, she was widely consulted. Dr. Joyce Campbell well known Traditional Folk Form Consultant and the School of Dance, depended on her immensely for the teaching and documentation of authentic Traditional Folk Forms. As former principal of Buff Bay Primary School, she led an outstanding troupe that was often used as resource in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Traditional Folk Form Workshops, as well as representing Jamaica on numerous international cultural events. She too gained many awards for her stalwart contributions towards the bolstering and preservation of Jamaica’s intangible cultural heritage, and her legacy lives on… “Walk in deh”