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Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition

The Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition encourages the development of cultural awareness, talent and creativity in some of Jamaica’s most beautiful women. The pageant is one of the highlights of the Independence Celebrations organised by the Commission. The JCDC seeks to create within the entrants an awareness of the contribution they can make to national development and nation building. It also uses the competition to stimulate the creativity o f Jamaican designers, seamstresses and tailors who are encouraged to showcase their talents by designing gowns for the contestants.

Kyesha Randall, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2016

Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition Overview

The Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Contest began in 1963 as the Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest, but the need for a greater emphasis on cultural awareness prompted a shift in focus by 1975. The contest has itself grown over the years to become the premier forum for intelligent, culturally aware and poised young ladies seeking a platform for their contribution to nation building.

The contestant's desire to assist in the development of their communities plays an important role in the selection of the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen, who is chosen to be not only a cultural ambassador for her nation, but also an outstanding role model for other young women across the island. As such, although the queen's physical appearance will play a role in her selection, the emphasis will be on her awareness of cultural and current affairs, community involvement, personality and talent.

The contestants in the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition are the Parish Festival Queens, who are between the ages of 18 and 25 years and have been crowned in the thirteen parish coronations held annually across the island. These contestants, all queens in their own right, vie for the National Title.


The goal is to enable the selection of a Miss Jamaica Festival Queen who will be qualified to act as cultural ambassador for Jamaica, locally and internationally, and who would be an outstanding role model for other young women by virtue of her tangible contribution to the development of the nation during and beyond the period of her reign.