Q. Who can enter?

A. Jamaican citizen's and persons resident in Jamaica for a period no less than two (2) years at the closing date for entries.


Q. Are there Island wide JCDC offices?

A. Yes, each parish has an office. The parishes are organized into four regions. These include: Northern, Central, Eastern and Western regions. Western Region - St. James, Westmoreland, Hanover, and Trelawny; Northern Region - St.Mary, Portland, St. Ann; Central Region- St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon; Eastern Region- Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Thomas


Q. When are entries for the Performing Arts normally collected?

A. Collection normally takes place in  the last week of January.


Q. Are workshops held  for all competitions?

A. Workshops are held in all areas with highly competent individuals to provide excellent training and guidance.


Q. What are the Core Values of the JCDC?

A. The core values are: Excellence, Creativity, Professionalism and Integrity


Q. How can I be a volunteer with JCDC?

A. Call any of the JCDC parish offices island wide and someone will provide you with the necessary information.


Q. Where can I get JCDC merchandise to buy?

A. You may purchase JCDC items at any parish office across the island, JCDC Gift Shop at the head office or the JCDC online store at www.jcdcjamaica.com


Q. How can I get outstanding JCDC performers for my event?

A. Contact the Events Officer at the head office of the JCDC for further information.


Q. Does the JCDC provide decor and events management services?

A. Yes, through the Events Unit that is based at the head office of the JCDC. There is a cost attached.


Q. Can the JCDC provide cultural displays at my event?

A. The JCDC provides this support providing that we are contacted early. This is free of cost to you.  You may contact the Research, Documentation and Information Department and speak with a member from the library and research unit for bookings.


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