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2017 Culinary Arts Syllabus

The JCDC Culinary Arts Competition aims at presenting the best in Jamaican Cuisine. We believe our food is one very important aspect our culture, we are very aware of how dynamic Jamaican cuisine is and how it evolves with time. We wish and to discover and develop talents

Objectives of the competition:

(a)     To showcase the creative talents of Jamaicans in the culinary arts.

 (b)    To promote healthy lifestyle and wellness in our schools and communities.

 (c)     To encourage the use of local foods by combining them in novel, nutritive, and attractive ways, using names descriptive of Jamaican Cuisine.

 (d)     To allow the public the opportunity to view live cooking and practical competitions showcasing skill and precision in cooking

It is expected that this competition will stimulate creative talents and provide opportunities for exploring the economic potential of local foods, especially where these can replace imports, and can be used in recipes for publication.

The competition is open to children, adults, institutions, and community groups and is organized by the JCDC’s Culinary Arts unit with assistance from the Parish and Regional Staff.

2017 Culinary Arts Competition Entry Form 


·          Entrants will compete for medals of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Certificate as well as cash incentives and trophies.  Scholarships may be awarded to deserving entrants (this is dependent on the availability of such scholarships).

·          Competition is open to persons residing in Jamaica only

·        All entries must have a completed recipe.  Recipes should contain the name, address and telephone number of the competitors and should be submitted in duplicate with the entry form on or before the deadline date.

·         Competitors are expected to provide serving dishes and other utensils to display their work.

·         Competitors will be responsible for the cost of all ingredients used, and the cost of their travelling expenses. 

·         A registration fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) must be paid four (4) weeks before the Finals.  ENTRY FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE. For each  live competition a separate entry fee of $100 will be charged.

  • Dishes should be accompanied by recipes and proof that the entry fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) was paid.
  • An individual or group cannot enter more than one (1) item in each category.
  • No individual, group, or institution will be allowed to enter the same selection once that selection has been medalled.

·          Dishes must be displayed with an attractive name card as well as two (2) copies of the recipe which must have name, address, category and contact number.

·          Sponsors Product - Dishes must be displayed according to their respective sponsors in the areas provided.

·          Competitors must report to the venue of competition on the date and time specified by the JCDC.

·          Two (2) teachers / leaders are allowed at the venue of competition as official accompaniment for each group of ten (10) competitors (for school groups).

·           In all cases, the JCDC reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the item to the class in which it is being entered and to accept or reject the item should it not fall within the standard of the JCDC.

Failure to comply with the time limit, or other requirements stated for each category will result in disqualification.