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Jamaica Gospel Song Competition

In a country where Gospel Music inspires and fosters spiritual development within the ethos of the Jamaican people The Jamaica Gospel Song Competition was introduced to the Entertainments Portfolio in 1987, as the Commission advance its mission of unearthing, developing and showcasing the creative talents and cultural expressions of Jamaicans. It has quickly become an iconic presentation of indigenous gospel music in Jamaica. It encourages writers and vocalists to challenge themselves in thriving to become the best new artiste/ writer for the year

Participants each year are exposed to a series of workshops, which are intended to provide them with the necessary grooming and training, while familiarizing them with the music industry. The workshops are addressed by professionals within the Jamaican Gospel music industry.

Many of our well-known music ministers have used the Competition as the avenue to launching pad for successful ministry and music careers including Humming Bird, Edwin Myers, Lester Lewis, Winston Bell, Glacia Robinson, Christopher Martin, Lenya Wilks, Jodian Pantry, Kerron Ennis, Kevin Downswell, Jabez, Lubert Levy and George Gordon.