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Culinary Arts

Food is one very important aspect of our culture and Jamaican Cuisine has evolved greatly with time, thus the Culinary Arts Programme aims to present the best in Jamaican Cuisine. Through the various competitions, the programme wishes to unearth, develop and showcase new and emerging culinary talents.


  • To showcase the creative talents of Jamaicans in the culinary arts
  • To promote healthy lifestyle and wellness through education and awareness
  • To encourage innovative and creative use of local foods
  • To provide entertaining cooking ventures for public view
  • To stimulate creative talents and provide opportunities for exploring the economic potential of local foods

Competition Eligibility

The Culinary Competition is open in September each year to all Jamaican citizens and non-Jamaican residing in Jamaica for a period not less than two (2) years at the closing date for entries. Entrants can include children, adults, institutions, and community groups. The entrants compete based on age classification.