About JCDC

Established in 1963, the JCDC was originally known as the Festival Office of Jamaica. In 1968 it evolved into the Festival Commission a burgeoning force for cultural development on behalf of the government.  The Act of Parliament in September, Act 32 of 1968, broadened its mandate to encourage the annual Independence Anniversary Celebrations throughout the island, as well as to stimulate the development of local talents. In May of 1980, the Commission’s mandate was extended by another Act of Parliament (Act No. 8 of 1980), and with this, its name was changed to the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. 1980 represented a paradigm shift in the agency’s functions and responsibilities.

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is a dynamic cultural agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. With a strong ‘Brand Jamaica’ flair and vibrancy, it has positively shaped the image of Jamaica by producing a sea of world class arts luminaries who continue to wow the international scene with their unmatched creativity and artistic prowess. Globalization has presented tremendous opportunities for its continued growth and development through strategic alliances, interplay with cultures and through the utilization of information communication technology modalities.  

Being a thriving cultural force that develops, promotes, and preserves the creative talents of many Jamaicans, JCDC also has the formidable task of keeping alive the amazing intangible heritage of Jamaica that defines the core and ethos of Jamaica’s nationhood. To this end, its functions include:

  • promoting cultural programmes throughout the island
  • encouraging and organizing each year, independence anniversary celebrations and other events marking occasions of national interest
  • stimulating the development of local talents through training, competitions, exhibitions, pageants, parades  and other activities as the Commission may, from time to time, determine
  • supporting the work of other agencies engaged in the implementation of community development programmes.


For over 50 years the JCDC has been the prime vehicle and the cultural cog for the nurturing of cultural excellence, patriotism and social hegemony. The pivotal role of this agency, therefore,   in developing Jamaica into a cultural super state and the consolidation of “Brand Jamaica” is unquestionable.

The community forms a vital part in fostering cultural development. The community allows for the transcending of cultural norms and values that form the canvas for the preservation and proliferation of Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage. The cultural values that are promoted by the JCDC through the plethora of cultural programmes and initiatives, dovetail into its paramount role in strengthening the social capital of Jamaica. This epitomizes and accentuates a national strategy as outlined in the Vision 2030 Plan to “preserve, develop and promote Jamaica’s cultural heritage”.

To be the Global Centre of Jamaican Cultural Excellence

To influence national development positively by creating opportunities that unearth, develop, preserve and promote the creative talents and cultural expressions of the Jamaican people, through a professional and dynamic team, thereby advancing brand Jamaica worldwide.

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Creativity

The Commission implements its strategies through the main divisions of Executive Office, Arts Development and Training, Community Cultural Development Services, and Events Management & Production Divisions. Critical to their operations are the corporate services support offered by Marketing and Public Relations, Finance and Accounts, Human Resources Management Development & Administration and Department and the Corporate Services Division.


The Executive Office

The Executive Office encompasses the Executive Director’s Office and Corporate Planning Unit provides oversight of the daily operations/activities of the Audit Unit, which reports directly to the Board of the Commission. The Executive Office is responsible for providing overall management and strategic leadership to the organization. It is also responsible for developing, and monitoring the corporate plans and reviewing all systems and procedures to ensure compliance of the organization with established government regulations.


Arts Development and Training Division

The aim of the Arts Development and Training Division is to develop and implement national talent development programmes as well as planning and staging national cultural events as highlighted in the JCDC’s annual events calendar. This translates into the provision of an avenue for the creative expressions of various target groups comprising schools, adult and community groups to be unearthed, promoted and showcased to the global community.


Community Cultural Development Services Division

The Community Cultural Development Services Division is responsible for programme implementation and the planning of events and activities at the community, parish and regional levels. This is the implementing machinery from the base level to ensure that all Jamaicans have an opportunity to participate in the country’s cultural development and preservation. The work across the island is carried out by a dynamic network of staff throughout 13 Parish Offices is augmented by a cadre of volunteers who constitutes the Parish Cultural Development Committee.


Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division provides a very critical role in creating and sustaining organizational operational efficiency.  Its ultimate vision is providing number one customer service at all times.  The Corporate Services Division provides the requisite support services to the operations arm of the organization through the following respective units and departments. These are: Procurement Unit, Property and Assets Management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Research and Documentation and Business and Product Development.


Events Management and Production Division

The JCDC has over 50 years of experience in the production and staging of national and international events, as the Commission is recognized as the country’s premier events management organization. The EMP Division coordinates, develops and implements events management services on behalf of the Commission for private individuals, corporate companies, Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government. Additionally, it leads in the planning and implementation of all national commemorative events including Independence Celebrations and entertainment arts competitions.

The Events Management and Production Team has several years of experience and has gained formal training in Events Management at the prestigious University of London. The team has led delegations of performers in and outside of Jamaica to various countries including Cuba, USA, Canada, Japan, Turks & Cacois, Trinidad and Grand Cayman

Some of the events that were successfully organized include: The St. Mary Agricultural Show, The St. Mary Breadfruit Festival; The Curry Festival in Westmoreland, Anthony B’s New Year concert in Trelawny, the International Hoteliers Conference in Half Moon, Montego Bay, St. James, The King and Queen of Spain Visit to Jamaica, The CB Pan Chicken Championship, Ministry of Tourism Arts in the Park and the Jamaica Diaspora Conference.


Marketing and Public Relations Department

The Marketing and Public Relations Department coordinates and manages sponsorship for all events and programmes of the Commission, as well as promotes and publicizes all the programmes, events and activities of the Commission through various media to increase the Commission’s visibility and corporate image.


Human Resources Management Development and Administration Department

The Department is responsible for the management of all matters relating to the human resource development of the Commission. Some of the key duties includes: performance management, staff recruitment, training and development, compensation, leave applications, and the coordination and implementation of staff enrichment programmes. It is also responsible for ensuring proper management of office operations of the Commission.


Finance and Accounts Department

The Finance and Accounts Department manages and controls all accounting duties and is responsible for ensuring financial accountability and compliance with established government regulations.

Our Team

Get to know the people from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

George Ledgister

Deputy Chairman

John Myers, JP


Cindy Breakspeare


Dr. Michelle Charles


Dennis Archer


Patricia Reid


Kenneth Shaw, JP


Silvera Castro, OD, JP


Garfield Lee


Carole Guntley


Belinda Williams


Nancy McLean


Vishu Tolan


Pauline Reynolds


Phillip Clarke


Suzette Morris


Dennis Messias


Glennette Sinclair


Orville Hill, JP


Ewan Simpson


Vernon Derby


Patrice Ricketts


Nicole Hoo Fatt


Gianna Fakhourie


Tamara Wright Brown

Director, Human Resources Management, Development and Administration


Marjorie Leyden-Vernon, JP

Director, Community Cultural Development Services

Elizabeth Smith

Director, Corporate Services

Andrew Clunis

Director, Marketing & Public Relations

Gregory Simms

Director, Events Management and Production

Andrew Brodber

Director, Arts Development and Training


Denese Morrison, JP

Regional Manager, Northern

David S. Reid, JP

Regional Manager, Eastern

Vanessa Patterson

Parish Manager, St. Catherine

(876) 926-5726-9

Paulette Sutherland

Parish Manager, Kingston & St. Andrew

Pamella Rodney

Parish Manager, St. Thomas

Tracey-Ann Campbell

Parish Manager, Manchester

Coretta Spence, JP

Parish Manager, Westmoreland

Shiyan Williams

Parish Manager, Hanover

Collel Blake

Parish Manager, St. James

Beverley Edwards

Parish Manager, Trelawny

Wentlin Mantle

Parish Manager, St. Ann

Orton Manahan

Parish Manager, Portland

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